Two Movie Nerds

Two nerds in love with movies…and each other.

What is a movie nerd?

The word “nerd” gets thrown around a lot these days. Colloquially, it means someone who is enthusiastic about a particular niche – to the point of being uncool. Luckily, we are living in the Age of the Nerds, so it’s socially acceptable to show and share enthusiasm and be ‘uncool’ in that way. And man, are we uncool. This blog is our way of sharing our enthusiasm for movies.

We do not call ourselves “movie experts,” “movie buffs,” or “film snobs” (shudder). Maria has never seen Citizen Kane. Matthew feel asleep when he tried to watch it in college. We don’t know everything, but between the two of us we know a lot. Basically, we value movies as a tool to understand our world and other people. We use conversations about movie preferences to connect, not to judge.

OK, we might judge a little.

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