It was a tough contest, but How to Train Your Dragon beat out The Prince of Egypt as our number one DreamWorks animated movie.

Following our own advice from the post How to Fight With Your Friends About Movies, we ranked the DreamWorks animated movies by Rotten Tomatoes score, eliminating the lowest-scoring films and the ones few of us had seen (sorry, Bee Movie). We seeded the movies according to their rank and generated a tournament bracket. Then we fought it out.

Some movies moved on with a breeze. HTTYD won each argument pretty handily up until the final. Shrek got far on originality and fun. The Prince of Egypt fought off Kung Fu Panda in a tough first round match, but then easily passed everything until the final round.

There were some heated debates throughout. Madagascar‘s silliness very nearly upset Antz‘ existentialism in the first round. Trolls versus Shrek 2 was also tightly contested, with the former’s wit and music beating out the Shrek sequel’s forgettableness. The battle of the Kung Fu Panda sequels was hard fought, but ultimately nobody cared enough about the movies so somebody gave in.

We spent as much, if not more time on the final round than the entire remainder of the bracket. In the end, we decided HTTYD is a more complete movie with developed characters and themes than The Prince of Egypt, which was winning high praise for the animation, music, and heart.

Do you agree with our choices? What DreamWorks movie deserves to be the champion?